Agile Partnership Program

It started with a simple question: What might happen if we matched industry professionals that are managing agile teams in their companies with teachers who are exploring how to introduce new agile practices into their classrooms?

We asked industry professionals and educators to do nothing more than what Jami and I had been doing for the last five years of the Dayton Experiment. Make a commitment, each week, to simply talk. To listen. To share. To learn together.

Often we feel that those from industry live in such different worlds than those of educators. This distinction leads us to think that we can't understand each other and it creates seemingly impenetrable walls.

But we actually have far more in common than we may realize – we are all trying to create new dynamic learning environments.

In the spring of 2018 we launched our first six-week pilot which combined Innovators and Early Adopters from Dayton High School with agilists from New Relic .

They co-created Agile Practices to experiment within the classrooms. This program is now expanding to include other schools.

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