Beyond Matter

We live in a world of matter. A material world. Our senses and our consciousness are defined by it. But we now know that matter is a mere fleck in the vast tapestry of the universe. The rest is a mystery.

Cosmologists estimate that matter makes up less than 5% of the universe. And that galaxies, which includes our planet, constitute only 10% of matter – a mere half percent of the universe.

The vast majority of the universe is dark energy, dark matter, or perhaps, even something we might call dark fluid. Non-matter. Non-being. A mystery they call zero-point energy that, some physicists believe, is even beyond the realm of time.

We don’t have to understand joy; we may never. Perhaps that energetic flow we feel is part of this mystery of the universe. A mystery that has been named by multiple cultures over thousands of years. Some call it spirit.

But if we are to truly empower ourselves and others, perhaps we must strive to become whole once again, in body, mind, _and_ spirit. And to claim joy at the core of our human experience. As our birthright.

Jami knew this. And it gave her the courage to walk into the unknown.

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