i3 Center

It all began with a crazy idea.

What if we transformed a 10,000 square foot agriculture shop at Dayton High School into a new space, a multidimensional makerspace. A place where all students felt a sense of belonging, regardless of their interests? A place where new ideas would lead to prototypes of new solutions and Creative Genius was unleashed.

In the fall of 2015, that idea was hatched, one that would be instrumental in helping to tear down old paradigms of education within the school. A new space that would be called the i3 Center, where “i3” stood for inspiration, innovation and invention.

Rep Bonamici visting the i3 Center

This new center is built around an Innovation Lab, were the foundational mindsets and skillsets of innovation are being taught. It is also here where teams are coming together to develop new ideas, new solutions the develop their Creative Confidence.

This lab, surrounded by fusion and fabrication makerspaces, promotes “creative collisions” of students with different interests and skills. These collisions unlock new possibilities and help unleash the genius that is within each and every student.

Unlike the vocational classrooms of the past, this new center quickly evolved into a place where all students felt that they belonged and were empowered to be makers and creators in pursuit of their passion.

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