Innovate Oregon

Innovate Oregon was launched in 2015 as a strategic initiative of the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) Foundation. It was designed as a north star to align shared passions for a transformational vision, that of creating an inclusive, innovation economy in Oregon - one that might become a national model.

The initiative sought to address a fundamental challenge faced by companies of not having the talent needed to sustain their growth. More than just technical skills, these companies were looking for creative problem solvers to help them quickly adapt to challenges in increasingly complex markets.

After starting the initiative in Portland, it began to focus on school districts in rural Oregon.

Here is a video from our launch event:

YOUTUBE be6GxyvPufc Innovation Summit 2015

The primary focus of the movement was on workforce development, partnering with our K-12 education system to better prepare the next generation of makers and creators.

A workforce development strategy needs to tap the talent resources of an entire community. For that you need a community development strategy.

Here is a video that introduces Innovate Oregon:

YOUTUBE FGQUzW3Se5k Innovate Oregon introduction

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