Transmutational Experience

A transmutational experience is one in which something deep inside of us changes based on an experience that we have had, an internal experience that precedes the manifestations of an external transformation.

At first, externally, our form has not changed. We are still the same person, wearing the same clothes. But, in this shift, we begin to see the world in a different way. We begin to act differently, a process that begins to transform our world.

For many, this shift happens the first time they have an Agile Learning experience. We hear this comment all the time from teachers during reflections following a Make-a-thon: "How is it that these students could learn faster than they could be taught?" "What was that joy we just experienced?"

These are experiences that cannot be unseen. They cannot be unfelt. They define a new personal truth.

They open the door to a new Curiosity.

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