Using this Book

As Jami pointed out in her forward, culture change is challenging. Very challenging. But, as she demonstrated, it can be done.

Culture change starts with a new paradigm. A new understanding of how we might be together and learn together.

This paradigm must be experienced. By experiencing it, theories quickly manifest into reality. They become something that we know, deep inside of us. A sacral truth.

We must then find a new vocabulary for these experiences as our existing vocabulary is limited by our past experiences. New experiences need new words.

New words that can connect us with others who also have had similar experiences. By finding those words, we are able to weave those experiences together into a new culture.

This book sought to introduce a new paradigm, tell a story of an experience then provide the beginning of a new vocabulary that allows us to share similar experiences with others.

We all know education needs a radical reimagining. There is no doubt here. But this change requires a fundamental culture transformation in each building, in every classroom. One experience at a time.

In every school there is a courageous evangelist, perhaps in hiding. We whisper to this evangelist: you are not alone.

If this book speaks to you, find the innovators in the building. Those who have flown at the edge, often with their doors closed. Give the book to them. Ask them to see if there is a truth for them within these pages. And then seek out those who are early adopters. Ask them to come and read the book together. And then gather together and begin to talk. Have fun, geek out. Beer can help.

Be curious with each other. Find out what ideas in the book resonated and why. Listen to the feelings in their words, and dig deeper. Never stop asking why. Listen more and more deeply to each other. For in that exploration you will find deeper meaning, a shared truth.

Then find the courage to begin small experiments. Seek out help from those outside of your building. Those who have already embarked on this path of transformation. They can become mentors that will help accelerate the learning speed.

But always remember. This is good work. Important work. Worthy of our love and commitment. Work that has the potential to delight, where joy flows.