Walk into the Unknown

We love the comfort of the known. It is a place of belonging, of security.

But to innovate, we must have the courage to try new things that carry with them the risk of failure. To risk failure is uncomfortable. To be an innovator, we must become Comfortable being Uncomfortable.

As we walk this journey into the unknown, we must confront our fear of failure. For many of us, this fear is deeply embedded in our psyche.

If we are honest, most of our entire traditional educational system is defined by this fear. To fail is the worst outcome of the experience. One that, if it becomes a repeating pattern, can lead to failure in life and society - the ultimate rejection, our ultimate shame.

But inherent in the innovation process is the understanding that failure is not only possible, but expected and desired. It is through failing we are able to better Know the Problem.

By creating short, fast, Learning Cycles the learning potential is maximized while the cost of failures is minimized.

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