Illuminate Forward

# Intention

You want to tell the story of how far you have come on this journey and share what you have learned in order to illuminate the path forward.

# Situation

We live in a world where competing programs, initiatives and projects claim to be the answer to the challenges we are facing. We are often lured by pre-packaged, scripted solutions that are perceived time savers with seemingly believable results. In reality, deep transformational work takes time and patience.

This work is messy, and stakeholders need to see the continuity between the work and how it is all connected to a larger aspiration. To participate in iterative learning cycles without the certainty of the scripted multi-year plan is uncomfortable.

You know that you must become comfortable being uncomfortable, but how might you implement those cycles to illuminate the next steps of a journey?

# Action

We are all storytellers and this is an important story to tell others. Continually share the insights that you are learning with your colleagues and to the larger community through social media, blog posts, newsletters and exhibition events that highlight the student learning. By doing so, you begin to create a wake as others begin to be intrigued.

Through their questions, you can share more of your deeper findings. These insights illuminate what your next experiment should be and the momentum and joy created inspires others to join you in this journey.

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