Path of Transformation

You have read _The Story_ and explored _The Garden_. You are now left to wonder, where to from here?

There is no predefined script for the cultural transformation in any organization, much less a school district. It will look different in every school and every community. And know that you are embarking on a wonderful process of emergence that will continually unfold but will, at times, feel quite challenging and messy.

We strongly recommend working with an external coach or guide as you walk into this arena of transformation.

You will stumble, you will get bruised – that is the nature of the process. Having someone to regularly talk with to help make sense of what you are learning is essential as you repair and then prepare to enter the arena again. This work is not for the faint-hearted. But is the right work.

There is, however, much wisdom to help guide your journey. Wisdom that is drawn from our experience and that of others.

Here, in The Path, we share a collection of activities and practices that can inform your path of discovery, your path of transformation. These activities and practices are patterns of behavior that form a simple pattern language.

Each journey begins anew. Here are three groups of patterns that may help you:

Getting Started: some small steps to help start you on your way.

Building Capacity: developing new skills for this journey.

Assessing Progress: illuminating the journey for yourself and others.

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