Joy Felt

# Intention

You want to have a learning experience that allows you to see the joy of learning in others and to feel it in yourself. You have many questions: What is this joy that you see in students’ eyes when they are surprised by a new discovery? How might you connect what you are seeing and feeling into your own classroom experience? These questions inspire you to continue to move down this path.

# Situation

For most of your education, the teacher has been the conduit through which knowledge flows to students. The teacher is the primary authority and fount of knowledge – the sage on the stage – in the classroom.

Teachers are often judged on how well the classroom is managed, and how well students perform on assessments. However, you sense that the learning experience could be much more dynamic. You have seen moments of joy in the eyes of students and you remember your own moments of joyful learning. You are curious about those moments and how you might be able to create more of them in your classroom. # Action

Explore innovative professional learning opportunities in your area or around the country that provide immersive experiences in new ways of teaching and learning. Look for opportunities to engage in experiences around design thinking, innovation, maker education, invention, and deeper learning.

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