Just-In-Time Learner

There are some students who are compliant learners and thrive in traditional learning environments. They do well on tests and are rewarded with good grades. They have mastered the ‘game of school’.

Then there are the rest of the students – the vast majority. Many of these are not interested in the game, they are bored and wondering why they are even showing up to school each day.

But these students are certainly capable of learning. They can be thought of as just-in-time learners. Give them a purpose, and they will learn. But without that purpose, they have little interest in being receptacles for what they may feel is irrelevant information.

Why should they, when in their pocket is a smartphone that can access, in a blink of an eye, the vast store of human knowledge? So I set out to Learn from my Daughter.

As I did, I began to understand that our challenge is to create Purpose Driven Learning. To give their learning a new meaning. One that recognizes and, indeed, celebrates that they actually think differently from us, with their Digital Minds.

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