Organizing Teams

We now had to organize into teams to build the prototypes. Each team had to have a lead. They had to present their progress to the entire class once a week.

They first had to go through a process of exploring the problem, then articulating the problem, then brainstorming potential solutions, then prototyping one of them. A basic Design Thinking cycle.

We quickly settled into a rhythm. Monday and Wednesday would be ‘learning days’ where they would be learning how to code, Tuesday and Thursday would be their ‘creating days’ for working on their project. Friday would be set aside for their presentations, where they would report back their progress to the entire class.

For five minutes at the beginning of each class, I’d talk about the larger story of what we were doing.

I talked a lot about the word 'reimagine' and how computer technology is empowering their generation to become makers of new solutions.

I shared with them Apple's famous 1984 ad that launched the original Macintosh computer. I talked with them about creative genius that was inherent in each one of us.

I was trying to Blue Plane their consciousness.

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