Courageous Discovery

# Intention

You want to do more than talk about reimagining education – you want to be courageous and start making it happen in your school district.

# Situation

Experimenting can be scary because there is a good chance that it won’t work out the way you are expecting. However, when trying something new, failure is not only expected, it is desired. In failure, we are able to know the problem better.

Depending on the level of trust in your school and district, failure can pose significant risk if that failure is used by others to criticize you. The courage to move forward in the face of fear is where true discovery and joy will be found.

# Action

Remember, you are not alone on this journey. There are others who believe in your North Star. Start by asking: What experiment could we launch quickly and complete in a short period of time – in a day or a few weeks? These sprints should not be more than six weeks in length to instill a sense of urgency to act.

Make sure that the cohort meets frequently and regularly – at least once a week to share findings, reflect on emerging insights and to commit to next steps. Recognize that trust in this cohort is essential as this process exposes each person’s vulnerabilities when illuminating failures. But this team also becomes the first place where you begin to claim the joy

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