North Star

# Intention

You want to define an aspiration for the learning experience in your school or district to guide the process of cultural transformation.

# Situation

You find yourself in an institution that is defined by well-established rules. Changing the core culture to allow for new learning experiences feels daunting and risky.

You sense, however, that you are not alone – there are others that know in their hearts that the current way of education is not working for students but they are uncertain how to change it.

It is time for real transformation, something that will inspire educators and empower ALL students to discover their individual brilliance. Perhaps, you wonder, is this just wishful thinking or might true transformation be possible?

# Action

Facilitate a conversation with your school leadership that defines your aspiration for graduates. The Portrait of a Graduate model is a good starting framework to use.

Organize a group that includes administrators, teachers, students, board members, and parents to redefine the ideal learning experience in your district. What would success look like? Start by exploring your core values together. Work toward defining not only the skills you would like all of your students to have, but also define the primary qualities that would empower them to be successful after they graduate.

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