Shared Voice

# Intention

You want to find teachers, students, administrators, school board members and community members who are courageous change agents – those who are committed to come together to guide this journey of transformation.

# Situation

Culture change is hard work. You know that it is important to be very strategic in this process and to surround yourself with the courageous who are willing to work together toward a common aspiration and are comfortable being uncomfortable. You also know that trust is essential – trust that allows you to walk into the unknown with authenticity and vulnerability – and that multiple change agents need to be involved from different parts of an organization. You recognize that you must shed your ego – you are on this journey equally with others around you.

# Action

Seek the Innovators and Early Adopters throughout the school district, recognizing that many of them may have been overlooked in the past. Bring them together to form an innovation cohort for short learning sprints where new ideas can be tested. There is no clear, single path for the journey. Walk into this uncertainty knowing that it may, at times, feel chaotic and require you to release control. Allow everybody’s voice to be heard. Through deep listening, clarity and commitment will emerge that astonishes everyone.

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